About Us

The word AMAEYYA is of Sanskrit origin. It means “the one without any dirt – Pure – Innocent”

Welcome to the world of AMAEYYA!!

Amaeyya was born with a simple purpose which is to create safe, effective products for our families and yours, by amalgamating high-performing natural ingredients with scientific knowledge and principles of Ayurveda.

The purity of Amaeyya range of products is making Amaeyya popular among customers mostly Millennials and has also won appreciation of make-up artists.

Amaeyya was created to make it possible for every human, regardless of age, gender and financial status, to find cosmetics tailored to cater to the particular needs of individual’s skin & aspiration.

During the days of pandemic, the idea of Amaeyya was framed. We vowed to bring products which were “Pure” and “without any dirt”.

Amaeyya’s portfolio comprises a very wide range of HALLAL CERTIFIED popular baby care , skincare products, personal care , make-up products and fragrance; boasting cutting-edge active ingredients and always following the latest trends in cosmetology.

The brand’s diverse portfolio comprises top-quality face wash gels, face scrubs, face sheet, face pack, skin toners/mist, serums - both oil & water base, body moisturizer/lotions, body butter, face creams, essential oils, hair care, postpartum - ayurvedic therapeutic care, hand made luxury soap, oral care, baby care products, fragrance – Eau-de-Parfum.

Amaeyya’s also offer of colour cosmetics for a faultless make-up formulated by leading beauticians & makeup includes eyeshadows, eyeliners, and mascaras, as well as face powders, fluid foundations, brozers , primers – hydra & silicon , concealers, blushers, nail lacquers and bullet & liquid lipsticks.

Amaeyya, "Be your own kind of beautiful" emphasizes on the fact that one must appreciate oneself and not imitate others. One must be unique. To be yourself you need to understand yourself … find the inner beauty in you … Not pleasing others but yourself … Doing stuff that makes you happy not others … Regardless of what they think!

All our products are HALAL CERTIFIED vegan, cruelty-free and created with ethically sourced NATURAL ingredients.

Our complete range is Halal certified, Vegan & FREE from paraben, sulphate & cruelty.

Be a part of the AMAEYYA Experience.

Beauty in Simplicity!